2020-08-03 - Article Series Showing How To Set Up Virtual DC With Potluck

There is an article series available that explains how to use Potluck to set up a virtual datacenter with nomad, consul and traefik.

2020-07-21 - Added Consul, Nomad & Traefik Flavours

Added flavours for Consul, Nomad and Traefik that can easily be used together to set up a pot-based service orchestration environment.

2020-07-20 - How-to For New Flavours

A new how-to explaining how to easily create complex new flavours based on our flavour code has been added.

2020-07-03 - First Usable Nomad Images

Published nginx and jitsi-meet as flavours and images.

Jitsi Meet is a full installation and configuration of all packages necessary to run a video conference system for up to 70 users as a stand alone jail or within nomad with just a few easy commands.

2020-06-25 - Intial Version

Published initial Potluck website with the first flavour: Firefox

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