2021-05-22 - Switch From FreeBSD 11 And 12 Releases To FreeBSD 12 And 13 Releases

With the release of FreeBSD 13, FreeBSD 11 images are no longer built. Instead, FreeBSD 12 and FreeBSD 13 images will be built from now on until FreeBSD 14 is released.

2020-11-01 - Built 12.2 Images And Rebuilt 11.4 Images

Built the new FreeBSD 12.2 based images and also created new FreeBSD 11.4 based images to update all packages being used in these images as well.

2020-08-03 - Article Series Showing How To Set Up Virtual DC With Potluck

There is an article series available that explains how to use Potluck to set up a virtual datacenter with nomad, consul and traefik.

2020-07-21 - Added Consul, Nomad & Traefik Flavours

Added flavours for Consul, Nomad and Traefik that can easily be used together to set up a pot-based service orchestration environment.

2020-07-20 - How-to For New Flavours

A new how-to explaining how to easily create complex new flavours based on our flavour code has been added.

2020-07-03 - First Usable Nomad Images

Published nginx and jitsi-meet as flavours and images.

Jitsi Meet is a full installation and configuration of all packages necessary to run a video conference system for up to 70 users as a stand alone jail or within nomad with just a few easy commands.

2020-06-25 - Intial Version

Published initial Potluck website with the first flavour: Firefox

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